Best Romantic Place To Visit In South India

When you are getting hitched, it turns into a hot topic that you choose your honeymoon destination in India. And when you are finished with all the wedding ceremonies and rituals, the necessary thing any married couple would do is go on their best honeymoon places.

History shows that married couples have been going on various Honeymoon destinations since the fifth century. Couples would commend their first “moon” of marriage by drinking mead (drink of fermented honey and water).

Nowadays, people break to tropical trips or go for frolics around Karnataka, and they have a lot of purposes behind doing as such. 

One would definitely like exploring South India as this captivating Place offers a blend of urbanized crowd aesthetic touch and legendary valor. To make your holidays more romantic, here are an amazing, incredible and Best Honeymoon Places In Karnataka for your love adventure.


Hampi is the ideal place if you want your loved one to be charmed by the beauty of culture. This City is remarked as the most important historical sites around the world. The intricate carvings on the caves and various temples will attract your attention. If your partner wants to dive into the aesthetics history, then it makes a perfect honeymoon destination for you two.

The winters of Hampi are very comforting and pleasant for the love birds. Many luxurious hotels are available for your comfort around the city. Vijaya Vittala Temple, Matanga hills, and Hemakuta Hill temple are the major tourist attractions in Hampi.


Bijapur is counted as the rich cultural heritage of India and gives the mesmerizing examples of the rustic beauty of the country. Monuments, Architecture, and the temples built by the Deccan rulers are the specimens of the rich and pleasing culture of the country. Sambre and Hubli airports are the nearest Airports, which will take164 and 167 kilometers to reach Bijapur.


Munnar is a beautiful place, which inevitably takes your breath away. The city is famous as a honeymoon destination in Karnataka for its mesmerizing waterfalls, serene lakes. Cochin is the nearest airport to Munnar, which takes 110 km to reach out to the location. The love birds enjoy the rides of Boating, Shopping, Elephant Safari, Ayurvedic Spa in Munnar.

Tea Gardens, Kalari Kshetra, Top Station, Pothamedu Viewpoint, Lock Heart Gap are the significant attractions point of this location. Monsoon is the best time to visit this perfect holiday destination.


This city is locked between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. It is one of the serene Karnataka state tourist places which hold a monotony of urban chores. Beautiful beaches and soothing hills are the perfect gateways who want a romantic holiday on a beach. Tannirbhavi Beach, Panambur Beach, Someshwara Temple, St. Aloysius Chapel, Shree Mangaladevi Temple, Shri Kadri Manjunath Temple, and Sammilan Shetty’s Butterfly Park are the major attractions.

Many resorts, hotels, lodges are available for your comfortable stay in the city. So take your partner and feel yourself in the state of euphoria with heart in beauty of nature and feet in gold sand.


Gulbarga comes in those honeymoon places in Karnataka, which are profusion of temples and architecture. This is the ideal place for those lovers who are extremely fond of food as the local cuisine of this city puts in the awful situation.

You need to reach Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to visit Gulbarga. This city is well connected to major cities in India through the railway. If you are trying out this holiday destination for your honeymoon, then don’t forget to go, Gulbarga Fort, Buddha Vihar, Dargah Hazrath Khaja Bandanawaz.

Unsure Where to Take a Honeymoon

Since you have concluded that the honeymoon is a beneficial endeavor, now to make your honeymoon destination more serene by visiting Karnataka. Karnataka is an ideal tourist destination that clasps for diverse and enthralling locations and landmarks. Is providing the best tour package and trip plans. So be ready and find yourself in the area of best honeymoon destinations in India.

There are many comfortable hotels and resorts are available for your stay, but if you are adventurous enough, then you can also book tree houses to make your honeymoon more splendid.

What are the Benefits of Karnataka Tourism Packages?

The sights of Karnataka are so alluring that it attracts a large number of visitors from different parts of the world. The beautiful state is situated in the South-West of the country with the coastlines of the Arabian Sea. The state is highly popular for its gorgeous beaches, pleasant weather, historical monuments, modern lifestyle, IT hub, adventurous spots and many more. Visitors of all age groups find Karnataka one of the best places to relax and enjoy their vacations. Karnataka sightseeing is quite famous in Indian tourism and there are many companies that can customize various packages for visitors. There are many benefits of availing a Karnataka tourism package for sightseeing.

What are the benefits of Karnataka tourism packages?

Karnataka tourism is quite famous for customizing some of the best packages for visitors. Karnataka offers various sightseeing and other visiting spots that can only be covered by a visitor by following a proper package. The tourism company plans the trip that can help visitors in covering most of the sights in a single package. This is quite helpful to those who are the first time visitors and want to explore most of Karnataka sightseeing. There are many great benefits of availing Karnataka tourism packages such as:

• Saves time: Time is very important for a visitor. Getting the tourism packages helps in utilizing most of the visitor’s time as complete tour planning is done by the tourism company. The visitors need to provide details such as what they want to see in the state, which area they are planning to cover, duration of their trip, etc. All these details help the service providers in customizing a great tour package for the customers.

• Cost-effective: Going with a tour package is cost-effective rather than planning on your own. Karnataka tourism has its contacts with the transport companies and hotels which help in saving a lot of money.

• Tour with a guide: Karnataka sightseeing tourism comes with a tour guide to explain the details of the area to the visitors. This helps in revealing the history and many amazing facts of the place.

Karnataka tourism package is the best thing to avail to explore the state.

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